Grand Town

Grand Town Project

The project consists of a town spread across 2.5 million square meters in a distinguished geographical location connecting the capital Damascus and Damascus International Airport. It is a full-fledged tourist town that is adjacent to the Fairgrounds and the Conferences Palace at the 4th Bridge.
Grand Town is an advanced smart town whose walls are imbued with creativity and luxury, much like an artist imbues a painting with a part of their soul. It is a town whose details bear the alphabet of life and humanity, from the A of residential essentials to the Z of luxuries. Its structures rise as icons of beauty, embodying the dreams of every man on Earth, and those who visit it will find the most sophisticated levels of luxurious residence with all the services associated with it, surrounded by a green belt extending across a large area with an enchanting, paradise-like atmosphere. All of this starts and ends with one byword: luxury.

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