About Us

Zubedi & Kalai is a company we established to be a national arm and destination that contributes to meeting the needs of the real-estate market and the reconstruction process, implementing development and tourist projects on advanced and modern basis, and providing suitable housing and considerable job opportunities, which would contribute to revitalizing national economy.

Our Vision

We believe that our country, which has been burdened by the war that destroyed much of its infrastructure and buildings, deserves our diligent work to rebuild it, so that it can rise and become a pillar of advancement and civilization again, and so that future generations will find it prosperous and resplendent with civilization and humanity, just like we inherited it from our forefathers. Therefore, we seek to contribute to making Syria one of the most advanced countries in the world with high-quality projects.

Our Targets

With our Grand Town project, we seek to focus on elements of perfection and luxury as a priority in planning our projects, building modern villas and apartments and linking them to integrated leisure and luxury services, establishing a unique and modern residential tourist complex that can compete with the top complexes in the world.